Whittlleville™ is place from our past where people gathered in village, small towns, maybe a couple of blocks in an urban setting. People got to know each other. Hard working parents raised a family, attended local sports events, Sunday church. Shared the joys and sadness that is part of life – Our Journey and all it’s Adventure.

The magic is Community, the opportunity to interact with one another each day. Not always agreeing with someone else, just communicating; sharing and listening to each other! All who visit Whittlleville™ will do so because of the Internet. The technology marvel of the instantaneous access to stores of information, some that has been hidden from the world is an Adventure in itself. I hope to use this technology to offer a collection of items of interest, artwork, products, information and more … in a way that fosters the meaning of Community once more. Perhaps motivating people who visit to read an actual book again. Enjoy the words, artwork and music of someone who created something from a moment of deep emotion – Low or High!!!

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